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Finding a Summer Internship

Finding a summer internship isn’t easy.  While there are usually various positions available, you will still have to compete with a lot of other college students and people already in the workforce who are looking for a career change.  The key is to start your search early and use the right sources during your search.  Use the following resources to assist you in finding a summer internship.

  •  The Internet.  The Internet is a great resource to use, especially when you want an internship that isn’t local.  When you begin your search, look for general internship websites, as well as industry-specific websites.  If you already have a list of companies in which you would like to intern, check out the career section of each company’s website.  A lot of company websites will also have a section just for internships.
  • Career Services.  The Career Services office at your school is there to assist you in finding internships and employment.  Most offices will have a list of internship programs and related information available for your review. 
  • Career Fair.  Many colleges and universities have on-site career fairs to help their students find internships and full-time employment.  Check with the Career Services office at your school to see if/when a career fair will be held on your campus.  If you decide to attend a career fair, be sure to bring copies of your resume to hand out to recruiters as well as dress in a professional manner.  Recruiters may even request an on-the-spot interview, so be ready for questions.
  • Major Department.  If you want to get an internship that is related to a specific major, check with faculty at the major’s department office.  They should be able to tell you of any internships that they are aware of and give you contact information.
  • Personal Contacts.  Networking is very important during an internship or job search.  If you have friends, relatives, professors, former employers, or acquaintances who work or know someone in your field of interest, be sure to talk to that person and let him know that you are interested in obtaining an internship for the summer. 
  • Cold Contacts.  Cold calling companies is a great way to find an internship that hasn’t been vastly advertised.  Telephone, write, or visit employers in your area and inquire about summer jobs/internships for college students.  Be sure to explain why you would be beneficial to their company by briefly promoting your skills and strengths. 
  • Print Materials.  Internships can be found through a variety of print materials.  There are annual directories of internships, which can probably be found in your school’s career services office.  You can also find internships in trade magazines that are published for a specific career field and in newspaper classified ads. 

The above-mentioned sources should get you on the right track to find an internship for the summer.  Once you have found several internship possibilities and applied to them, you need to get ready for the interviewing process.

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