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Using "The System" In School

reader's question
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I just wanted to say thank you for what " The System " has done for me. I've only had the guide for a couple of months and I'm still learning, but I'm already noticing some definite changes, not only in the way women react to me, but more importantly, in the way I act with women.

I say this as a recovering "nice guy," at least with the women I really liked. After learning about your principles, I discovered that I behaved differently with women that I didn't feel as strongly for, which is why they were so much more into me. Common sense, yes, but it's amazing what you can overlook when it comes to your own behavior.

Anyway, I have a quick question. I'm a college student, and while your dating strategies are readily applicable to women I meet in most circumstances, I can't quite get my head around how to apply it to girls I meet in class. How do I go about approaching a woman in that situation?

The standard rules of meeting, talking, getting the digits, and leaving first don't really apply in school, nor does waiting a week to call. If I get her number in class, even if it's the last day of class that week, I will probably see her again a couple of days later. And I don't think it would be effective to avoid or ignore her in class, and then call her up and act like I hadn't seen her. Could you please throw me a bone, Doc?

Thanks again,

Rocky -- who needs specialized coaching for guys in college

doc love's answer
Hi Rocky,

As you know, I always instruct guys to ask for the home phone number of any woman they've just met and are interested in. No hesitation. No apologies. This is done as a test of the woman's Interest Level in you. It's done to demonstrate to her that you are a confident guy who means business. It's done to impress her with your directness. And... it's also done because, in most cases, you will never see her again if you don't get her number before you part ways with her.

College is a whole other ballgame...


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