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College Dating

You're 19, you just started college, and you're single; life is good. When it comes to college dating, you need to find yourself a girl. No matter how small of a college you go to, you will undoubtedly be overwhelmed with a plethora of girls. It's like being a little kid in a toy store, so much to choose from and so much to enjoy.

Your quest begins on the very first day of school. You should start even before you unpack. Walk around to the other girls' rooms on your floor or in your building if you live on an all male floor. Start by introducing yourself to as many girls as you can, let them know who you are and where you live, but don't linger too long. Make it short and sweet, just enough so that they've got the idea of who you are and will remember you in the future.

Do this with as many girls as you can. It will help if you bring your roommate or another friend along with you.

Step two begins in class. When you pick your seat try and sit next to a few cute girls. Within the first week of class, try and meet as many of your female classmates as possible. Make sure you know your work; this can come in handy if there's ever a �damsel in distress� with her school work. After these two steps are done, you should have met somewhere in the area of 30-40 girls. This is more than enough for you to start choosing from.

It helps if you try and meet girls who are single. There are an alarming number of girls who come to college with boyfriends from back home. There's also a lot of guys who come to college with girlfriends. Now I'm not saying that you should automatically dump your girlfriend before college; if you really love her, then by all means stay with her. But just know that it will be really hard.

Always remember, when it comes to meeting girls, be funny! No matter how nice the girl is, she will not want to be bothered with guys who are dull and boring. And be smooth, don't be clumsy. It doesn't make a good impression when you meet a girl at a party and spill your drink on her.


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