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Using "The System" In School

textbook rules
But, the classroom environment does present a specialized situation where we can creatively modify the "closing" process. A particular woman you meet in your history class, for instance, might possibly drop the class or drop out of school entirely before you get her number if you fail to act quickly. But odds are that that won't happen.

Let's assume, for educational purposes, that 99% of the attendees of a particular class will make it through the entire semester. That means that, for all intents and purposes, you have what a Marine Drill Instructor has in his group of recruits: a captive audience. And when you have a captive audience, you should use the situation to your advantage, or as they say on the hip-hop dance floor, "You got to work it, baby!"

So Rocky, let's say that there are a couple of different babes in your philosophy class that you have the hots for. Don't hit on them. Don't come on to them. Don't even talk to them. Instead, do all you can to be highly visible in the class. Ask really intelligent and interesting questions and, if you have a knack for it, make clever, humorous comments that make the whole class crack up. Soon, every woman in the class will be impressed by you and even curious about you. To you Psych majors, you gotta stand out.

play your cards right
As the power of your persona gains momentum and magnetism, everyone will want to know you better. Then, using your popularity, take every opportunity you have, before and after class, to make sure that the two ladies that you like see how much the other ladies in the class love to talk and laugh with you. All the while, continue to ignore the two that you're hot for. This will really make you Mr. Interesting in their eyes.

If you follow this plan of action to the best of your abilities, one or both of the women that you're interested in should approach you and initiate interaction with you within a few weeks or less.

Once one of them demonstrates some authentic interest in you and gives you some obvious Buying Signals, then close her by getting her home phone number . Also, make sure to end the conversation first and move on. Either go and talk with some other woman, or take a seat, or leave the room if class is over. Yes Rocky, you still leave first -- whatever form of "leaving" you can create in that environment.

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