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Top 10: Great Date Conversation Tips

Want to ace your first date with a woman?

Follow these 10 conversation tips and she'll find you charming, interesting and hopefully... irresistible.

Number 10
Avoid the "interview"
Most guys treat a first date like a job interview, asking the same old boring questions that every woman is sure to have heard 100 times. By avoiding questions like, "How old are you?," "What do you do?," and, "How many brothers and sisters do you have?," you'll separate yourself from every other guy she's met, and pave the way for a more interesting conversation.

Number 9
Lead the conversation
If you sense the conversation is going to far into the "boring zone" (like when you start talking about work), don't be afraid to take charge. Simply saying, "Enough about that... let's talk about something more interesting," can change a boring conversation -- and a boring date -- to an exciting time instantly.

Number 8
Make eye contact
Be sure to look into her sexy eyes as you are talking to her, and hold eye contact just a little too long. This will show her that you are a confident man who knows what he wants.

Number 7
Bring up current gossip
There's a reason why every woman you know reads celebrity gossip magazines: they can't get enough of the stuff! Don't be afraid to ask her what she thinks about Brad and Jen's split or Britney's marriage. By discussing topics that are funny and interesting to her, she'll automatically see you as funny and interesting.

Number 6
Talk kindly to everyone
Guess what, guys? When you're talking to your waiter, the cab driver or the bartender, she is listening... and judging. Treat everyone you talk to with kindness and respect. She will notice.

Number 5
Be playful
Women love guys that they can have a good time with, and a great way to spark some fun conversation is to ask those playful questions that people just don't bring up enough anymore. So next time you're on a date, don't be afraid to ask her what her favorite color is, what kind of ice cream she likes and how many stuffed animals she has. You can turn this into a fun game by rating her on the answers ("Cookie dough? Umm... I don't think this is gonna work out...").

Number 4
Avoid the "tough topics"
Yes, I'm talking about politics and religion. You're asking for trouble if you bring up either one of topics, so save it!

Number 3
Don't worry about uncomfortable silences
They say a sign that you're comfortable with someone is when you can enjoy a good silence with them, and not feel that you have to talk the entire time. So next time one of your conversations comes to a lull, relax. Let her be the one to spark it up again. It will show her that you're comfortable with yourself, which will make her feel more comfortable with you.

Number 2
Don't try to impress
Women have seen enough to know that guys who try to impress them are just trying to make up for their own insecurities. In fact, women are so tired of this that they may actually test you to see if you're one of those guys right away. So be humble . If there is something about you that she would find impressive (nice car, big house), make her dig to find out what it is -- don't just blurt it out. She'll be more impressed by your modesty than anything else.

Number 1
Avoid the dreaded "fatal questions"
Most guys don't realize that asking a woman questions like, "Am I your type?," "How do you like me so far?," and "Do you want to hang out again some time?," will instantly send her running for the hills.


Because it shows her that you aren't the confident man she's looking for. A confident guy knows it doesn't matter if he's her "type." He also knows that she definitely likes him and would love to hang out again sometime. Think about it.

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