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Accelerating Active Adjustments in Material Memory Configurations

Material Memory is a very positive technology for the future and it is already used in many industries. Unfortunately not all materials, which are used in material memory or manufactured memory can return to shape or shape shift fast enough for many of the applications that they will be used for in the future.There are new technologies we can use to better assist our material memory needs such as using carbon nanotubes, which can conduct electricity and new Laser technologies, which can superheat materials for material memory purposes. Using light and lasers and energy or electrical impulses with carbon nanotube materials or any other state-of-art materials, which are similar to this.We can use accelerating active adjustments with technology and techniques of customized materials and laser controls to more rapidly engage and stimulate material memory materials. We need to be thinking here and be sure to be thinking how we can best utilize all these technologies not as separate technologies but together and consider a merging of NanoTech, Optics, Lasers and Material Memory strategies, as alone they are absolutely phenomenal, but together they break the boundaries of all present period known science and set us off in a path which will take mankind into the future; and well, it is about time.

Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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