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Micro MAV Swarms and Sound Wave Evading Measures

In the future our Military will use robotics in warfare. And the sizes of these robots will surprise you. They will be big and small and some will fly and others will be on the ground, still others under the sea. But the most deadly of all may be the ones you can barely see. Indeed we may send in very small micro-mechanical devices in huge swarms, mechanical insects if you will to disrupt the enemy?.

Perhaps we will use micro-mechanical insects to interact and lead other insect swarms to disrupt the enemy? Maybe these mechanical insects will be in huge swarms like killer bees or locusts and able to detect intruders, threats, obstacles and even evade.One way these micro-MAV mechanical insect swarms may evade is with the use of sound. When an incoming countermeasure is sensed due to a disruption in airflow or creating a sound wave, then small mechanical flying bugs may simply move out of the way and let the approaching counter measure pass thru them or they will move out of its flight path?.

Is this even possible? Well, sure it is and there are already sensors, which can sense sound, heat or even see using optical flow sensors to detect, evade or negotiate obstacles and threats. Consider all this in 2006.

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Micro MAV Swarms and Sound Wave Evading Measures - In the future our Military will use robotics in warfare.

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