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What Causes Locusts to Swarm

Many religions tell us that locusts swarm because the gods or god is angry. In the world of Islam it is explained that locust plagues are sent by god to punish. Perhaps this maybe true or perhaps it is a misinterpretation of religious literature from ancient times or poor translations along the way.Indeed, my theories go with locusts feeling S and P waves in the Earth or low rumblings of magma flows causing tiny Earthquakes, which incite them to move in mass and go from solitary to berserk swarms.

[evolutionary survival skill learned].My thoughts are we could in fact simulate this artificially and induce a swarm or locust plague and steer them using the same as well. Perhaps and this of course would be completely abstract theory, but I believe that they can predict Earthquakes or predict near term trends; Just like the scientists did with the heating of gas in a small enclosure with holes which whistled with the most minute tremblers.

Additionally the hairs on their [locusts] legs must be what senses this. And I must say recently the Blonde Lobster [new species found] in the Indian Ocean with hairy like appendature did make me wonder if it also had such adaptations evolved this way becomes it allowed it to live in hostile underwater caves [also blind meaning possible cave species] near volcanic vents and keep from dying when seismic activity occurred around it?.There was an Animal Planet show, which indicated that light waves could detect ultra-sonic waves that insects put out to call one another between bushes for mating. It would seem that many insects have this ability of communication and it is similar of a thought of the ELF frequencies used by military submarines to communicate. No one really knows why locusts swarm or what causes locust plagues although many have theories and someday soon we will all know, the truth from a scientific standpoint of why locusts swarm. Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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What Causes Locusts to Swarm - Many religions tell us that locusts swarm because the gods or god is angry.