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Accelerating Astronaut Training

With the advent of Commercialization of Space we need to consider the increasing numbers of astronauts we will need in our future. This means we need to accelerate astronaut training. We also need to be thinking ahead and be sure to encourage kids who excel in mathematics to enter fields of engineering and science.As the Astronauts are only one part of the race for space and by encouraging kids and young adults to choose career paths that take all this into consideration, we will increase our chances for safe and secure space flight and insure our nation leads in the future of space.The United States of America indeed has come a long way since we first put a man on the moon, yet, we need to move the ball further ahead and increase our efforts to make our future dreams realities.

This will take training, teamwork and a vision and it starts with picking up the pace in the here and now and propelling our efforts and building on what we learn as we move ahead.By accelerating kids at young ages into math and science and assisting them to become space bound, we can and will maintain our edge in the race for space. If we fail to do this and fail to accelerate the numbers of future astronauts we are doing a disservice to all we are and all we have built. I hope you will consider this in 2006.

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