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Accelerating Auxiliary Backup Systems

Have you ever been in a building when the power went out and the auxiliary power system came on? Well if you will notice every thing turns off and in a few seconds the back up generators go on and everything powers back up. Lights first and then the ventilation system comes on full speed.Unfortunately these power lags take their toll on the buildings systems and even the electronics in the alarm systems, computer brains running all the buildings systems and the computer systems although they generally have specialty surge protectors.

Nevertheless this is a serious issue and it hurts the electronics. And this is why we need a way to allow the acceleration of the starting of these auxiliary back up systems to insure that smooth transition. I believe we can solve this problem.

How so you ask? Well by using an electrical impulse scanning tool to watch for energy wave anomalies and then pre-start the back-up generator prior to the loss of the actual power from the power grid in which the building is hooked up too you see? Another thought would be to have a laser relay from the power plant or local grid to the tallest building in the downtown area, which would relay to all buildings.The buildings artificial intelligent system would get this message prior to the hick-up in the power grid and be able to start the back-up generator in advance and allow it to become fully online about the time that the power went out, meaning no delays. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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