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Accelerating Active Adjustments in Material Memory Configurations - Material Memory is a very positive technology for the future and it is already used in many industries.

Branson Brains But Parents Put Me Down The Mine - Lack of communication in the education system of yesterday deprived many a scholar of becoming the next Richard Branson, due to the fact the importance of having an education behind you was never first and foremost on our list of studies unlike it i.

Martin Luther King Jr Teaching Tips - Who was born on January 15, 1929? A man who believed in equality and peace.

Abatement of Comet Fragments - In the future mankind may need to be able to break up Comets, Asteroids and Meteors that are headed for Earth.

Word Frequency Analyisis as a means to improve writing quality - In the old times of Windows 1.

Time Management Tips For Success - Successfull time management is important in all areas of life.

Gravity Waves Inside a Hurricane - Is a Hurricane Eye-Wall limiting enough to allow us to manipulate gravity waves within it? What if we could slightly change the gravity waves inside a Hurricane ever so lightly? If we could increase them we could make a vortex funnel into the ocea.

Piano Players To Get Pink Slips Robotic Musicians Are Here - Many piano players play songs, which other people have written rather than write and produce their own.

Teachers Here Are The Answers To Your Questions About StudentsWho Struggle And Have Challenges - 80% of teacher training tends to be on content, with only about 20% of training focusing on the "human factors," those minute-to-minute problems with your youngsters that dominate each day.

Choosing A College How To Start - With more than three thousand colleges and universities from which to choose, every student who takes the time to intelligently explore his or her educational options (and adheres to application and financial aid deadlines) should gain admission to a.

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