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Piano Players To Get Pink Slips Robotic Musicians Are Here

Many piano players play songs, which other people have written rather than write and produce their own. In the future those who play the piano will not be needed and all the piano teachers will be worthless unless they are computer programmers with artificial intelligence robotic degrees. Indeed for those who wish to learn to play the piano, they can learn from a robot and not a human instructor full of flaws, attitudes and psychological disorders too.A robotic piano instructor can be a much better teacher indeed.

So first to go will be the piano instructors, as superior artificial intelligent Piano Instructors are introduced, next those who play the piano will no longer be needed, as you can have an artificial intelligent robotic computer play a perfect performance without the flaws of human piano players. There will be no jobs for human piano players either.How likely is this future? Well, pretty likely.

At one time I respected piano teachers and instructors and admired piano players as well, yet today after observing some of their behavior, human psychological flaws and poor attitudes it seems to me we may as well replace them all with robots. Just like we will soon replace dog crap scooper patrols in our parks and lawn mowers. Consider all this in 2006 Ed.

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By: Lance Winslow

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