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Artificial Anticipation Brainwave Inducement

There are many situations in life, which are dangerous and a simple warning sign will not serve as good enough warning. For instance if you are in your car and an emergency vehicle is approaching in your not paid attention this could cause a serious conflict as the emergency vehicle crosses against the signal light traffic. There are also times when driving where a bridge may have black ice on it, and without you knowing you could slide into the wall or off the bridge and die.It used for this reason that I propose the use of extremely low-frequency brainwave range waves to be sent out to induce and trigger an alert brainwave in the human mind of those nearby.

Although this sounds like science-fiction fantasy, all this technology currently exists. We can't send directional sound waves towards an individual or blast them within the radius of an intersection or at cars approaching an impending danger. In fact, this simple technique and additional warning may just be enough to save one's life.Such an artificial and directionally induced brainwave system as many uses and obviously one of those uses would be military. For instance if a sensor goes off for a possible contaminant used to make explosives at a security checkpoint, a transportation hub checkpoint or a border checkpoint, then the sensor would alert to the artificial directional brainwave inducer, which would trigger any alert signal in the brain of the soldier. In doing so the soldier would be on full alert and using his full faculties to help in staying on top of the situation.

Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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