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Artificial Intelligent Androids and Bladder Fluid Balance Strategies

Artificial intelligent robotic systems with their incredible need for processing power to run all the systems will probably have to be liquid cooled. Even Microsoft's new xBox has initially had problems because the system runs too hot during heavy use. An aftermarket equipment manufacturer has designed and there is available a liquid cooling system. We can expect this will be necessary in our future artificial intelligent robotic androids whether they be domestic household assistant robots or part of the military's new initiative for a future fighting force in the Next Generation of American soldier.

There are many systems that will be needed to build a silicon bipod artificially intelligent android, which can stand up on its own without falling over and run several gyros in addition to processing information from sensors; such as a visual, sonar, lidar and/or infrared. Further the systems will need to make decisions based on their surroundings and particular events after the data is interpreted in the decision matrix which corresponds to the particular events is processed and all this must happen in real-time.Now then, if we are to consider these points in the amount of fluid necessary to run the cooling system we must realize that liquid weight sloshing around in baffled systems and bladders must be controlled and should potentially be used for stability control and rebalancing of the robotic system while in motion. We must consider these engineering possibilities as we designed the first generation of artificially intelligent robotic androids.

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