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Artificial Intelligent SelfAssembly and Robotic Factory Scheduling

In the future we will have artificially intelligent manufacturing robots that are much similar to doubt which we see in the automaking industry. In fact there will soon be a time when robots are actually making robots. That is to say artificially intelligent self-assembly in robotic factories. These robotic factories will do their own scheduling and workflows and maintain a constant operation to support the efficiency needed to make them produce hundreds of thousands of artificially intelligent robotic androids. While this be necessary? Because we will need to build robotic arms and we'll need to build artificially intelligent robots for consumer markets in the home.

Figure it likes third generation Robo vacuums only these systems will do much more than mow your lawn, sweep your pool or vacuum your home. They will make you breakfasts, clean the house, wash the car and do the laundry and they will do so through simple verbal requests as if you're talking to your husband or wife. Since the United States of America as an aging population there will be a lot of need for domestic robots and they will need to be smart to take care of us in our old age. With 300 million people in United States more robots will be sold than cars in the biggest buyer of robotic artificial intelligent androids will be the United States military and the United States government.The task of building that many robots is almost unimaginable, except we know we can do it because we build and sell on average 17 million cars in United States per year in.

Consider this in 2006.

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