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Body Sharing Brain Transfer System

Can one body share two brains worth of information, more than one identity? We know that there are folks with schizophrenia right? It is not that uncommon either in fact it is more than one in one hundred people. So if a human brain can contain more than one identity then can we insert one person's brain information and download it into another; Memory, skills and knowledge? Sounds crazy right? Well, perhaps, yet lets think for a second, how powerful the human mind is and we know we only use a part of it. Some say less than 20-30% meaning there is plenty of space right?.

Many might decry this concept as dastardly evil, yet think for a second, what if your husband or wife could not remain living and you would lose them forever. Why not download your spouse's brain into your brain, so you could always be together. You would not be lonely and you could feel good, as you would be able to share your life with your significant other.

Or in the case of a brilliant scientist they could download their brain into an up and coming fresh PhD student, so they could continue their work together.Too bizarre to contemplate; too Science Fiction like, indeed but why not if it were possible, why not extend life from within another? It might take some getting use to, as you would be sharing your thoughts with another, but it could work. Currently scientists are working to record dreams and thoughts and transfer them to computer, but it may not be totally possible to do this.

It may never be possible, but it maybe possible to transplant a human brain into a machine, which would continuously run by flowing blood and energy into it. It will be interesting to see the future unfold and the solutions, which are chosen to continue the human endeavor in our memories. Think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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