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Choose Educational Gifts For Your Kids

In this day and age of satellite TV with hundreds of channels, computers with 24/7 internet access and video games that also connect to the internet it is difficult to get out children to take the time out to do something more constructive and educational like reading a book. What we have to do is conform a little with the times and make use of the technology to give our children tools for learning that they enjoy. How do we do that, you ask? There are many companies now producing videos, video games, and computer games that are not only fun to the children but are at the same time educational.

I am not suggesting that you only buy educational products because if you were to do so your kids will rebel and then you won't even have the technology they like working for you. What we can do however is mix it up a bit and include some educational games. These products are available for every age group from toddlers all the way through high school so there is no excuse for not using them.

For toddlers you get games that will help them learn shapes, colors, and numbers more rapidly. I have a nephew who is only 4 years old reading on the level of a 9 year old, to me that is evidence the methods work. I have used the programs with my own son who was struggling in school and disinterested in certain subjects like math and history for example.

One of the games I used with him took the kids back in time to Egypt and the Great Pyramids and made it fun to learn history and math at the same time. His grades shot up in a matter of weeks. Is that not worth the price of a CD or DVD? It definitely was to me.


By: Gregg Hall

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