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culinary schools selection tips

We will start off informing you about the various options you have to work in the Cooking Department. What are the various positions you can look forward to? where do you want to end up? or more importantly where do you want to start? There are more than a few options when it comes to cooking. What do you like cooking? Is it American Fast food or Traditional Indian style.

There are different types of Chefs each specializes in different types of food from salads and soups to Chocolates and sauces. The bigger the establishments, the more are the job positions. This is especialy true for big star hotels.

Executive Chef His/Her main job is purely executive that is to manage the entire food preparation and cooking for the restaurant. Saucier A saucier is responsible for all the sauces or Gravies preparation as the name suggests. Sous-Chefs Sous-Chefs are mainly managers who look around the work of all other Chefs. Pastry Chefs They are concerned with cookies, pastries and other Confectioneries. Sommeliers Sommeliers are wine experts .

Not every Chef needs to know everything. This is to your advantage when it comes to Culinary Schools Selection as you can now chose what to look for in a culinary school. Also there are Food Safety Experts,careers in Food Technology, Cake designers, dietitic careers ,dining attendants, Cannery workers and ofcourse Bartenders. Its time now to analyze your options keeping you interests in mind. I will tell you more about culinary schools shortly.

Until then stay tuned. .

By: Gary Smith

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