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Detecting Stealth Aircraft with Laser Light and Radar

All moving objects create wake or air movement and they cannot help but emit some sound. Can we use the airflow disturbances to detect stealth aircraft by use of laser light plus radar? Thus even though the stealth aircraft would have a minute radar signature nearly undetectable, it would be moving a lot of air. That disturbance would make a unique signature and thus you would know that it is there?.Every aircraft makes wake and this wake is different depending on useful load, speed, angle of attack and thrust applied, yet no matter what it would fall within a range. This range could be considered its signature and thus thru the "process of elimination" give away its stealth.

The use of drop tanks, bomb loads and fuel would tell us where in its range the wake the aircraft was and thus you could potentially know its range and potential targets as it flies over.If such laser light, plus radar systems were over water on the way into our territory we would see the enemy before they got close enough to take out one of our major cities. Perhaps we could put these systems on an oilrig, ship or AUV autonomous underwater vehicle; maybe in the shape of a whale?.With a video of the aircraft passing thru the light waves of the stars, background light using infrared green from a tiny hole in the fake whale and 360 degree line of sight from the oceans surface or the top of a cactus to get drug dealers flying over the border, even in the dark of night? We could stop any bomber aircraft that attempted to attack our nation.You would know the aircraft type, guestimate the mission based on an XML spread sheet of all types of aircraft, cruising speeds, useful load, gross weight and a split second search feature.

We could load all the known data into the system using all the data in Jane's Book of Aircraft; just borrow there data base. We could even use this as a defense net for early detection and defending against skimmer missiles with terrain following.Plus the system could prioritize targets this way too and you could do it all in seconds. Less than 10 seconds to see if it is a UFO, friendly, threat and milliseconds to search database and send information.

Transmission time 1/2 time delay to satellite, command and control data identification and computer protocol to determine action. Shoot down aggressors or send out and scramble fighters to others.If our enemy had this then our 747 laser plane would need to be the same signature as a fully loaded KLM 747. This way the enemy would not shoot at it, because they would assume commercial with passengers, unlike the Russians when the downed a commercial jet they could not identify. Because of that is no longer an acceptable risk due to international backlash of a mistake.

Yes this laser light idea is doable and it could be done in such a way as no one would ever know it existed, you would defend your nation without any knowledge that you had such defenses and the enemy would simply lose all their hardware and you would be safe. Carl von Clauswitz would be proud of Swift from Las Vegas who first proposed a similar concept in our think tank. It is obvious that Swift is well served by previous Viking Ancestry. If you have ideas in defending our nation from attack, we would sure like to hear them. Think on this concept as well.

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By: Lance Winslow

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