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Discussion on the Subconscious Mind

What happens in it in our minds, that makes us dream? What is it about the subconscious mind, which helps us make decisions? Why is mankind so fascinated with the subconscious mind? So many unanswered questions indeed and even to this day brain researchers admit they simply do not have all the answers.Subconscious is an interesting thing and did you know that Dolphins only sleep one side of their brain at a time? That is an interesting bit of trivia isn't it? Leads to so many questions about the dual hemisphere and all those layers in the back of the brain too.Some believe that sleeping is a defragging event similar to the re-categorizing of all the information you take in. Your questions are indeed worthy and so I presume you have been reading all my considerations on this subject matter of the mind and perhaps you have some additional thoughts of your own you might like to bring to light.The brain is encased in a skull, so it must be the most important part of the organism we label a "human being" or "homo sapiens" and since the heart and lungs are only partially encased it would seem that they are secondarily important and probably there for the sole purpose of providing for the brain. Indeed what ever the brain is doing while you are consciously using it or it is running by itself is one of mankind's biggest mysteries.

The subconscious mind is doing something very important isn't it? Think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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