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Franchise the Palestinian Territory for Peace

There is quite a lot of tension between Israel and the Palestinian people and with the electing of Hamas into power things just got worse, as Hamas is an admitted International Terrorist Organization.Most people agree that Israel has a right to protect their people from Hamas. Some are for clearing out the cancer, Hamas and everyone, which supports it.

Theses folks say that they must leave, if they choose not to, then eliminate them.How can this issue be solved? Some have said perhaps extend a huge buffer zone of mixed culture under Israeli rule, as the Palestinians government has collapsed and only bad things can happen now. These strategists say that now is the time to make a move. Israel has proven they can run a civilization, so maybe an extended buffer zone, under Israel rule of law, which will have its own government as a state, with a mixed government might work. Should it be made into a franchise-like state? But under whose control?.

If that cannot be done under Israeli control, then maybe do a test project with UN and make a UN franchise state and start over and allow ex-patriot academic Muslims in first world countries who wish to go set up that government there back. Additionally build soccer fields across the country for contests of agility and sport, not bomb making and demonstrations. Indeed, economic development is needed, academic advancement too. It is a project that will take time but could be worth it. We must consider all possible options now and indeed maybe now is the time to act? Consider all this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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