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Gasoline is Too Expensive Where are the Wind Powered Cars

We have all heard tales of futuristic cars, which run on hydrogen and the exhaust is water vapor. We have heard of cars, which can run of fuels that we grow. We have even heard of super break thru innovations such as flying cars and even cars powered by the wind. Well when can we see these technologically advanced marvels in automobile design? Well recently an online think tank has been discussing the potential for a wind powered car and a reporter from the UK, Laura has asked us do we think wind-powered cars are really possible and well; "If so, by what sort of date?".With some benefit of prize money like the X-Prize or the DARPA Grand Challenge Series, I believe it would be sooner than later to see hybrid after market components able to attach to current cars, which would in effect be; Wind-Assisted Powered Hybrid Automobiles.

There is potential in the future for a "Pure" wind-powered car of course and there is enough technology now to bring this to market relatively soon.It makes sense that if the US and other nations will develop a separate "Experimental Class" of vehicles for garage tinkerers then you will see kit cars available as soon as the law goes into affect. In other words we could have wind-assisted cars within a year or two. And we could have "pure" wind cars in less than five years. What we need is a law releasing liability to the owner to prevent class action lawsuits for finish products liabilities you see.

Just like we see with the EAA class experimental aircraft. Hey isn't that where Burt Rutan and company started? Interesting indeed isn't it; well, then consider this by late 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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