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Giant Acoustic Arrays to Arrest Locust Plagues

One concept, which is being floated in the scientific community to stop locust plagues from devastating the landscape is to use directional sound beams to stop them as they fly and eat their way across the countryside? But is it really possible? The brilliant thinker behind this concept believes it is and has announced his concept in an online think tank. Mr. Warren Powers wishes to use large acoustic arrays to send directional sound waves into the Locust Swarms to disrupt their ability to fly.

Warren states; "The sound delivery device would be similar to ATC, but quickly adjustable for distance and angle. That means a similar targeting mechanism as is found on new military tanks, allowing them to fire en-route.".

Indeed the think tank moderator believes too that Warren's concept; "could actually work." And summarizes; Yes there are array devices and directional sound type units available for Humvees for riot control and civil unrest and part of the Future Fighting Force Non-lethal weapons categories. The other point I mentioned above is that it needs to be "six gyro enhanced" to ensure the unit can remain at full power on the locust plague at all times.We use the Cad Cam device to delineate the swarm and break it into grids. We hit the front top grids first to slow swarm and make it bunch up.

We know that the locusts will cannibalize injured locusts and start eating them in-flight as they fall and crash. This will cause the swarm to change shape and as it does you focus on the expanding leading edge permeations causing the same affect. Remember we are talking about what? 10-14 mph? Speed? On one Locust Plague website research center in the UK there is a Cad Cam drawing of the cloud or swarm of a locust plague, which is quite revealing. With a little ESRI exploits and Jack Dangermond magic, this is all doable. Side subject;.

&act=Print&client=printer&f=104&t=221.Also at LANL they had done studies tracking wind by grid pattern data.

The locust plague could be tracked similarly and the grid becomes the target, not the individual locusts obviously. You know the more the online think tank looks at this concept the more it appears he maybe right on the money? Imagine this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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