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Holographic Neck Ties

Well it is hard to stay in style in the world of neckties. Too stuffy and you look silly. Too silly and you look like you are a fool or former class clown.

If you are a salesman you need many ties in your car so that you can change them to fit the mood and ambiance of your clientele. If you are selling to an industrial firm and you look too slick, they are liable to kick your rear end out the door. If you walk into a large corporation with a tie, which mocks the dress code you will certainly not get the sale. What a dilemma indeed. But there is a better way, a new technology, which will change all this.

You ask how?.The "Holographic Neck Tie" will solve all your problems. How does it work? Well, glad you are interested.

The Windsor knot is standard, but the knot is a projector device, which clips onto your shirt at the top, like those clip-on ties. A fishing line sized string hangs down and is fastened to a lower level button. The line is made of carbon nanotech fiber material and will not break and it guides the Holographic tie replica image to enlarge or contract as needed while walking, sitting or standing up.

Each Holographic tie has 24 images to choose from and you can also purchase other theme cartridges to put in the back if you wish to purchase them from the HNT Corporation. Think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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