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Holographic Projection Glide Paths

Holographic Technologies are getting closer to becoming reality and soon we can see the data on our computers in 3D, 4D and 5D. We will enjoy Virtual Reality on our 360 X-Box in our living rooms. Military strategists and war fighters can play out the battle in the virtual battlespace in advance and then watch it un-fold in real time. Great, great grandchildren will be about to meet their past ancestors and watch a holographic video. We will communicate in video conferencing with the image of the other people sitting next us, but not actually there. All this is on its way and even more, as the applications are endless indeed.

One application, which has not been mentioned, yet is the potential for pilots to have projected glide paths in front of them as they fly, actually watching their aircraft (full-size) in front of them. All they will have to do is follow the projection and match their aircraft to the angles and speeds of the holographic aircraft ahead. The projection will be set for safest glide path, avoid wake turbulence and be the most fuel-efficient decent. This will make flying easier and become a great training tool for new pilots building hours and their skills.This will insure a proper downwind to base and base to final approach, with perfect angles, no steep banks and help the pilot land at the perfect speed on the threshold. Additionally these Holographic Projections will be recorded and used for training air traffic controllers and used by flight instructors to watch to make sure the student pilot is coming along fine.

The instructor will be able to reduce the scale of the aircraft to 1:24 or 1:48 scale and show student how they did. This can help in training new fighter pilots in the military as well. This can add to the simulator experience. Such technology will come in handy for the NASA SATS Program making general aviation safe as we move more private automobile traffic from our ground transportation infrastructures into the air and help with the Virtual Control Tower Simulation Training Systems to help commercial aviation.http://sats.


arc.nasa.gov/vast/vast.html.Imagine eliminating wake turbulence accidents by helping pilots avoid wake turbulence, by using net-centric systems inside the aircraft, which will re-project the holographic aircraft in front of them.

Good for collision avoidance as well. This will alleviate issues with the 3-minute rule, when it should be extended or when it is not a factor. The increased efficiency will help the traffic flow at the larger airports, moving more aircraft on their way in less time.

http://oea.larc.nasa.gov/PAIS/AVOSS.html.The Holographic Technology is almost here and it such advances in science has the potential of literally solving many safety and efficiency issues in aviation in the present period and safety in space in the next period.

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