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How Do Bees Really Fly Think Tank Discussion

It was recently determined that Bees aerodynamically speaking cannot fly. At least using all the known equations for lift, thrust, drag and weight used in the aerodynamic text books so routinely used by aerospace engineers and aircraft designers. But how can this bee possible? Well it seems rather obvious that the bee has evolved to use other strategies to fly.

This issue was recently brought up in an online think tank and discussed between myself and another member and you might find the discussion rather fascinating indeed.Warren states: "A part of the intent of my writing this does invite testing and challenges to this 'perception' I have of the dynamics of the flight of the bee. Those are welcome too, but remember all of the theory needs to be affirmed via testing and application.".Ah, so are you wishing to build a better bee to prove concept or test an actual bee in its evolved natural organic form? Because hasn't the US Military already done such?.

Warren states; "I perceive (like one of the five blind men around the elephant) a set of standing waves beneath each wing of the bee.".Like an extended boundary layer and in that air beneath the wing of the bee the sound waves help change the density of the air and thus allow the Bee to ride on an air cushion rather than regular air, which is much thinner? Or are you stated the bee creates a low-pressure area underneath, doing the exact opposite? Well sure this could work. Here is a thought:.http://worldthinktank.net/wttbbs/index.



http://worldthinktank.net/wttbbs/index.php?showtopic=1496.Now then if we could use this methodology we could fly an MAV with high wing loading in a thinner atmosphere; so of course I am thinking Mars. And exploration tools for astronauts, robotics, artificial intelligence androids on the surface?.Warren states; "Have you ever been skiing in the snow? The bee creates his own mountain of snow, so to speak, and simply glides down that mountain.

If an increase in elevation is required, more energy is expended, the (two) mountains with one valley in between the two 'sound-mountains', simply grows larger, the bee glides forward on this dynamic 'sound-skier's' paradise.".I have actually no problem with your theory so far.Warren states; "As the bee flies, it can exchange forward momentum for vertical assent.

Ever notice how a bee does not calmly and normally fly straight up? A bee can do that, but it is not the normal mode of flight, it does that when it is stressed or has no other option.".Okay so the Bee simply uses the denser air underneath tilts his wings at a 45-degree angle uses deflection off the denser air it produced and thrusts upward? Piece of cake, I have no problem with this. In fact I do not even care if a Bee actually does that, as we can build something that does just what you say I bet?.Warren states; "If a bee is not stressed, the bee will glide upward, energy exertion is gradual in this mode, only when a bee is under stress will it exert enough energy to fly nearly vertically upward.".

Yes this would be very efficient like a kite as the youth runs forward straight up it goes. The Bee similarly uses the deflection it created of thicker air, built up by flapping and buzzing on the air molecules.Warren states; "Think of a bee as a skier, a skier making a 'mountain of sound-snow'.

This 'mountain' is a wing-shaped sound wave pattern as it is pressed away from the wing face. It looks just like a wing and gets larger the further from the wing you move. There are two of these dynamic "mountains" of sound energy, one under each wing.".Got it, yes, no problem I have thought here before, not with Bees, but with thoughts on super maneuverability for UAVs.Warren state; "The way the bee controls flight is by rotating the base of the wing clockwise or counterclockwise relative to the bee's torso.

If a left turn in level flight is required then the mountain of sound under the left wing is rotated counterclockwise, relative to the torso, the sound energy mountain is larger in the front left quadrant of the bee's trajectory; there is more 'drag' on the left side of the bee and the left rotation, or left turn is executed.".Yes, I have no problem with this.Warren states; "It would be similar to tucking a rocket engine under each of your armpits, large enough to lift you from the earth, just enough to hover there. You still have to contend with gravity, I imagine it would take a while to learn to do this, but trajectory as you flew would look just as does the bee's trajectory.

".Yes but in your theory you have given the Bee, UAV, Aircraft, Helicopter, anti-gravity device, UFO, steerable ordinance, blimp or Superman one hell of an advantage over gravity haven't you?.Warren states; "You watch them next time and just let them show you what they are doing. You will see it if you quiet yourself and observe. This is what I meant in the sentence above, that I suspect bees "create and direct, sound energy, specifically, dynamic sound structures or patterns, standing waves for example.".

Makes sense to me. Could this indeed be how the Bee defies our knowledge of physics and aerodynamic principles? Are humans so egocentric that they failed to notice this before? Has evolution simply beat mankind again and showed him the errors of his ways? Can we use these tricks of the Bees to build flying "pods" or cars, which will fly at 5 to 10 times the efficiency of modern aircraft? Perhaps we should have been told more about the birds and bees? Consider all this in 2006.

."Lance Winslow" - Online Think Tank forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; http://www.WorldThinkTank.


By: Lance Winslow

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