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How to Study Power Learning getting by with online collegedegree studies

Ever wonder why some online college degree students know how to study seem to quickly learn, recall and excel in school while others (perhaps your child or you) never seem to quite get it. You're probably just as smart in all other respects, right? Well what's the problem? (And what is power learning?) Most of us are born with good minds, but some just use them better than others. I believe that the best students naturally find a good study system and just keep on using it because it works. For others, learning in school just doesn't come natural--that's the problem! Power Learning can be that answer because it recognizes how most people learn and teaches them how to study. Have you ever noticed toddlers learning complex language and social skills, and they're having fun too, right.

Well you see, in our education system all the fun has been removed. Most young children love kindergarten and the first grade because teachers at that level generally try to encourage students to learn by making the experience fun. By the second or third grade, however, all this stops and students must be quiet, sit still, and learn. That puts the stop on natural learning and is the main reason why most people don't have any idea how to study for online college degrees--or traditional degrees! A few online college degree students are able to make the transition but for most of us it is a struggle because the new learning process is so unnatural.

Learning should be fun right? Students fall behind, not because they're not smart enough, but because the regular learning system is completely unnatural its no longer fun, its work. What to do? Power Learn. Power Learning is a system that follows a natural education progression, and its fun. Once learned it can be applied to any subject from K1 through college. Essentially, power learning deals with teaching good how to study methods that work and are applicable to any learning topic.

If online college degree students learn how to study and have fun doing it, good results will follow. One of the principles of power learning is the SQ3R principle which stands for Survey, Question, Read, Recite, and Review. How can something so simple work? I don't know, but it does.

For me that's what really matters. The system was developed by Dr. Paul Pimsleur, the famous educator and linguist from Columbia University to help students of all ages quickly and permanently learn and, to have fun in the process.

Online college degree students are dire need of learning how to study because they are frequently missing good feedback form their professors and peers. Power Learning has many variations today, but the basic principle is always the same -- you need a system and you need to make it fun. Power Learning can be applied to: . All Academic Subjects K-1 through College .

Learning Foreign Languages . Speed Reading . CLEP Examinations . Exam Preparation .

You name it Are we having fun yet? .

By: Peter J. Loughlin, J.D., LL.M

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