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Improving Education Among Native Americans

Some Native Americans live on reservations in a community of other Indians. In the United States, you only find two types of reserved lands that are most know - military and Indian. An Indian reservation is literally a piece of land that has been reserved for a Native American Indian tribe when relinquished other land to the United States through various treaties. In recent years, Executive Orders, Congressional acts, and administrative acts have created these reservations.

While the majority of residents are Native America, some are non-Indian. While Native Americans have, the freedom and benefits offered by living on a reservation, many areas are so remote that reaching the outside world is difficult or impossible. That means education, medical information, jobs, and other resources are often untouched. What we see is new technologies being created to connect Native Americans with the outside world. Take Wild Blue for example. With internet access via satellite, people can enjoy a fast, reliable, and convenient way to gain any type of information needed.

In fact, Native Americans could easily use Wildblue for email access just to keep in touch with distant family and friends. Considering there are approximately 275 Indian reservations in the United States, one of the largest with 16 million acres of land spread out through Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah, that means there are many Native Americans living separate from the world. For young children growing up, using Wild Blue's mini dish, they can gain access to the same educational tools as any well else, giving them the same advantages in life for career.

Wild Blue is an exceptional offering. This small dish, which measures just 28 x 26 inches, is capable of receiving and sending signals all via the special Wildblue satellite. With the dish being so small, it can be mounted on a wall, roof, or ground pole, not being distractive in any way. Keep in mind that Native Americans can use Wild Blue's service for residential or personal use, or for business use. With that, Native Americans also have opportunity to start businesses. In fact, many Native Americans have moved forward into current times, holding down jobs just like anyone else and succeeding at them.

However, you will also find many of the old-schooled Native Americans who weave blankets, make pottery, and use their skills passed down from generation to generation. These goods are then traded or sold. Now, just imagine being able to reach around the world in a remote place such as an Indian Reservation and setting up a business to share those skills with people in other countries. With the ease of Wildblue's internet connection, this is what happens. The beautifully woven blankets and colorful pottery pieces can be sold online. With the development of an inexpensive website, the possibilities of reaching around the globe are endless.

Obviously, this satellite technology and the affordability of the Wildblue plan make starting a business of the Indian reservation possible. Wildblue internet service is easy to use and offers up to 30 times, faster services than old, dial-up. The bottom line is that Wildblue has created an incredible service for people in remote locations where other services are simply non-existent.

Therefore, Native Americans can enjoy the benefits and enjoy the doors of opportunity. .

By: Jacob Minett

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