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Is studying Abroad an Expensive Affaire

Is studying Abroad an Expensive Affaire ? "Seeing ourselves as others see us-- and ultimately, perhaps, as we are-- is something not easy to do at home. Put another way, fish never know they are wet, because they lack the contrast of air. " If you wish to share above thoughts, you have to persistently working for Scholarships and Financial Aid.

Many students fail to pursue scholarships because they believe scholarship competition is so fierce that only the most exceptional students receive awards. The truth is you do not have to be a super student to win scholarships Is studying abroad an expensive affair? A myth surviving since a long time .But ironically, it may actually be cheaper to study abroad than it is our own country! Studying abroad need not be financially expensive. Attending a study abroad program is not necessarily anymore expensive than staying at your current university, and in some cases you may actually save money by studying abroad.

Scholarships and Financial Aid You must be willing to spend time and effort to check out the various financial resources. While the universities and colleges offer financial aid to international students in the form of awards, teaching and research assistantships and tuition waivers, there are other agencies and institutions that offer financial help too. This could be in the form of loans, loan scholarships or gift scholarships. Many prestigious Indian institutions offer grants and aid to deserving Indian students. The trick is to start early, as the aid available is both limited and competitive. Some of the college costs that should figure in your budget planning are the tuition fees, books and study materials, living expenses, health insurance and clothing to name a few.

Most students don't realize that the use of financial aid and scholarships can make study abroad more affordable. Below are some links for websites that provide information on international student scholarships and financial aid for international students. .

By: Shefali Sinha

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