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IT Intelligent Terminal

In the future there will be intelligent terminals. What isn't intelligent terminal? An intelligent terminal is a location based routing system for all of your electronic toys and gadgets. At first these intelligent terminals will hook up things like your Net-centric House, your SmartCar, your cell phone and your computer. In fact, it is looking as if no matter where you do, you will be connected to the Internet, all libraries of the world, your email and your phone all the time.Eventually the future the intelligent terminal will connect your mind in your thoughts at will with your loved ones in complete communication.

That is to say you could have thought and send it to your husband or wife immediately no matter where you are or what you were doing. The intelligent terminal of tomorrow will do all these things and more. While you were cruising down the road in yourself driving car you can que your intelligent terminal to send your mind full motion video of a past or future planned vacation to Machu Picchu.The intelligent terminal will favor the fastest thinking brains of our civilization. The faster you demand the information the faster it will stream through your intelligent terminal to your mind. The faster you ask the questions through your intelligent terminal, connected to a super Internet with all the world's information; past present and future the faster you'll receive that information.

Those minds and the humans that possess them, which can think rapidly and make decisions fast will have an absolute advantage over all other members of society. It will truly separate the smartest amongst us from the masses. It will be quite evident immediately that those who learn and use their intelligent terminals the best will become more wealthy and maintain a higher level of status in our civilization than those who do not. When Bill Gates said where you want ago today, he only got half right; because of the future you not only have the chance to go where you want, but when you want and for how long. I hope you will consider this glimpse into the future in the present period, as the future is moving ever so quickly and we are on a collision course with the intelligent terminal (IT).

Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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