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MAV Micro Air Vehicle Propulsion Discussion

Can we build a dragonfly size robotic little doo hickey, which can fly around using vibrational technologies to increase its efficiency in flight? Meaning less fuel expended and/or less battery usage? What if we could do all this with acoustic transducers, new thin taunt materials and induced sound waves? Could such theory actually fly?.It is possible that the resonance generated by the insect could assist in the airflows over the wings and increase efficiency and the rates of flapping of wings could create a harmonic, which could allow for additional abilities, I do not know, but that is possible.Especially considering some of the findings of Bees and their abilities to generate more lift than is possible using aerodynamic mathematics. Although there are theories, which try or attempt to show how they do it, which are also very interesting in their own right such as vortex creation, deflection and other strategies. Some thoughts and theories of mine;.http://worldthinktank.


php?s=d6b41dce74026f9009b8fe56e47f49c9&showtopic=1138.Sorry if my thoughts are too abstract or all the physics equations have been left out. I am trying to straddle science with the white paper syndrome, while making so the layman can comprehend what I am saying. It should be possible and therefore it is worthy of a good go at it and we should try it. Consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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