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Melting Enemy Micro Mechanical Swarms

Is there are way to melt micro-mechanical insect size swarming MAVs [micro air vehicles] if they cam at you in large swarms? What if they are sent by the enemy and each one is capable of putting a deadly toxin in your body or has a small detonation device or explosive like a fire-cracker plus directional charge? A little more than a bee stinger indeed; you will not be able to run or hide as there will be thousands of these little guys are working as a team to take out every human soldier in your brigade you see.There may be a way to defeat such intense micro-mechanical swarms? How so you ask? How can you kill 1000's of incoming little devices like that quick enough to save the troops? Well I believe it can be done, so let me propose the idea of a hand held or man portable laser weapon.A chemical hand-held high energy laser weapon plugged into the power source and gas canisters on a Humvee with tanks of CO2 or Argon gas ought to do the trick.

Simply fire at the swarm and slowly move the weapon in a semi brisk counter clockwise circle spiral from the outer edges of the swarm slowly towards the center and you will indeed melt all the little flying devices and significantly disrupt their swarm and as they get closer several men can assist in firing in a grid patter array using the light from the laser as a guide to get every potential trajectory. Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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