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Military Needs a Fear Reduction Device

Intimidation and fear are something every soldier must over come to be an effective warrior in war. Strength and honor and life and death hang in the balance between bravery and skill. Often the better part of valor is discretion, but too much fear leads to bad choices and failure to engage the enemy at the time and place of your choosing and thus you are relinquished to fighting on them in their own game and not yours.Indeed at this point you are also of less service to your cause and the safety of your civilization and people.

They key to fighting a war is to get your team to control their fear and use that fear to find strength and courage rather than succumb to fear and cowardice.It has been proposed by a think tanker (me) that we build a unit which would act like a WiFi system for our troops to change their fear to concentration, by sending out proper brain wave conditioning. Of course we would need to leave some "fear" as it is also a "call to action" in the human brain behavior system and part of the fight or flight response.

In this case the brain wave would be blasted which would be made to be reduced to a level that would enable the soldier to over come the flight response and concentrate and key off his teammates to a fight response, thus helping them win the battle and defeat the enemy. Think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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