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Online Degree Program The New Frointer in Higher Education

One of the best things about modern times is that it has presented people with plenty of options. Take, for example, the case of education. Earlier if you wanted to obtain a degree then it was expected that you would enroll yourself with a university, attend the classes, give the exams and if you get through them then you were awarded with a degree. This system has its own defects. First and foremost, if someone is employed and does not have time to attend classes then it is very difficult for him to obtain a degree.

Similarly if one has some domestic obligation that does not spare one with enough time to attend classes then again one cannot dream of getting a degree. All this has changed now. You can opt for Online Courses,which would not require you to attend any classes, and realise your dream of obtaining a degree. However, one thing must be taken into account that before one gets himself enrolled in any of the online degree course.

As there would be no professors or classmates to push you it would be your self motivation that will lead you towards success. Also one would do well to check whether the course is well regarded. Though the Online Degree Programs is a great option for people who are hard pressed for time but who still have the interest for further studies, there is nevertheless a stigma attached to it as it is a new phenomenon and not many people know about it. There might be people who would not have a very good experience of this new revolution.

However it must be conceded that like any other field good and bad decisions play a very important role in succeess or faliure here as well. But if proper research is done before one takes the plunge then there is no reason why one wouldn't be satisfied with his decision. Given below are the name of a few universities that run online degree programs. University of Phoenix started its online degree program in 1989.

It enrolls students from all over the world, providing education, the quality of which is undisputed and unmatched in the world. Business, Technology, Education, Health care and Financial aid are some of the major subjects which are incorporated in its online degree program. Jacksonville University offers the bachelor degree in nursing to students.

One of the most popular online programs in US, it helps the students develop the knowledge, skills and attitude that equips them to perform creditably in their oraganizations. University of Scranton provides a Master's program which is most suitable for a working teacher. Universty of Scranton will prepare you with the sole intention of making you successful in today's ultra-competitive times. .

By: Parijat Saurabh

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