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Online shopping security measures

1. It is good to know from which company you are going to deal with. The information regarding your company could be getable through internet news sources, directories and rating services. You should check about these things before go for online shopping.

It will be better to go with reputable companies. But if you decide to go with unknown company or website, you must check with someone there who could convey you the company's privacy policy before you make a purchase. 2. You should protect your privacy whilst shopping online. Know what information the merchant want from you.

Know if information regarding you used in what way by the shopper and whether it is share or sold to others. Go through the privacy policy of the company posted on their website and be sure in what way your personal information is treated under that policy. Be cautious when personal information such as social security number and bank account information is asked to provide to make a purchase. 3.

check all information regarding your purchase before ordering .know about the expecting delivery dates, shipping and handling fees return policies and warranty period. Collect the e-mail address or phone number of the company in case you face a problem or need help.

If they don't have any phone number and only email address then it is better to avoid 4. Use credit cards to pay for the purchase. While using credit card online, be sure it has a strong security technology such as SSL in which your credit card data will be transmitted securely. While using online look for unbroken key or padlock (graphical icon).

don't share your password with others and keep it safe. 5. Keep print of all the records related of your online transactions. You may also save it electronically on your mail. From this you could get track of shipping dates, shipping and handling fees and other important details of your transactions. 6.

You must go through customer's feedback on the merchant's website. You may consult with your local consumer agencies if you don't know the merchants. Better ask for friends who often purchase through these sites. 7.

Give your account number only when you are secured from all angles. Be sure your credit card pass word number is a mix of letters and numbers and make your user ID and password two distinct entries if you deal with online banking.

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