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Pepsin What Is It

I write articles to inform you, the people, on matters that you would generally not know a whole lot about. This article was scheduled to be about "Pepsin". Wow. i cant even decode raw material about this stuff! But as i read through it i started thinking. Alright, this is the simplest definition that I could find on the word "Pepsin". Here goes.

" Pepsin is a digestive protease released by the chief cells in the stomach that functions to degrade food proteins into peptides." What is that? This stuff grinds my gears becuase it is completely and entirely unnecessary. As i read through pages and pages of what they call "information" on pepsin, several questions ran through my mind.

the first is simply "Why?!". Were we running out of small, simple words? It seems medicine has a tendency to create words long and unpronouncable. Woops! I guess the word "unpronouncable" should be in medicine too. But seriously doctor, come on. And how many other people are doing things just like me, trying to educate the public on things that they would never bother with otherwise. As if THEY could decode "pepsin" either! So i have come to the conclusion that historically, doctors have come up with massive medical terms to sound smarter than the average person.

Granted, they ARE smarter than the average person, but way to throw it in our face guys! Those doctors really grind my gears. .

By: Tyler Brooker

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