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Perfume Buying for Guys

Guys lets face it, we don't have a clue when it comes to buying perfume. We know we like it, that's about it. If your significant other wears a perfume you go wild about you are going to want to make sure she has plenty of it. But how about those of you out there that are just getting into relationships and you're not sure what she likes? You're not going to get her what your Mother wears, that would be weird on a number of levels! As a novice perfume buyer you can no longer walk into your local department store and say "give me that perfume by such and such". Most designers today have created mega-brands around their names that include 5, 10, 15 different fragrances to make perfume buying impossible for the un-initiated.

Perfume Gift Sets Fragrance marketers have gotten smart. They know that for the most part their products are purchased not by the intended user, but by someone who they must walk down the entire road of the perfume buying process. And actually guys we don't mind right? There is nothing more uneasy than standing at the perfume counter smelling a cotton stick with perfume on it. Introduce the perfume gift set-Hopefully your significant other is into the latest and greatest scent from their favorite fragrance maker. Now all you have to do is pick up a gift box.

These usually contain two to three other add-on items including the perfume you intended to buy. Pricing is reasonable as the marketers know that since it is not coming with a big screen TV. then they need to create a perceived value to buy it.

Some perfume gifts may only be available at that time of year. There may also be special limited editions available too. A good example of an excellent gift set is Elizabeth Arden's Red Door gift set. This includes an eau de toilette spray, body lotion and a cosmetic bag. Perfume gifts make a wonderful present at any time of the year.

They can be luxurious and a real treat and just as much fun to give as to receive. You can get some great gift ideas by visiting www.popularwomensperfume.

com for some great specials!.

Please visit http://www.popularwomensperfume.com for some great deals on the most popular womens perfumes.

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