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Planetary Defense System

Currently the Earth is vulnerable to incoming objects such as Asteroids, meteors and Comets. Some day Earth may be hit by our own moon if an asteroid, comet or meteor struck it just right, thus sending it crashing into us.The Earth might also someday be struck by another planet, many think this may have indeed happened before, albeit billions of years ago. Solar flares often cause huge issues on Earth with regards to weather, seismic activity and life.

Mankind is not without a need to watch over either, as the weaponization of space is currently a hot topic. These are all possible threats to human life and/or our planet and we must develop a strategy for a World-Wide Planetary Defense System.We can use the Earth's energy as it travels thru space to power up a space based planetary defense system if we wish.

Although the cost maybe a billion plus dollars, it would certainly be worth it if it could stop just one such calamity. But how is it possible you ask? Well, by using the electromagnetic energy caused by the Earth's own friction as the atmosphere moves through space.We will collect the energy via long entergy tails and then collect this energy to blast space debris, foreign objects, ICBMs or anything that threatens human civilization, as we know it.

Think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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