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Red Flag Fighter Pilot Training with Holographic Projection

Red Flag is the United States Air Force's airborne net-centric war game training. It resembles the United States Navy's famous Top Gun School only with added components. As warfare training and simulation gets better and our SmartBombs and Smart Munitions get smarter the future of war will be fast, furious and permanent for the players. You live or die based on your ability to communicate and execute.Each year United States Air Force personnel rotate thru the high-tech war games of red Flag to learn how all the new components of the blue force communication in a net-centric team to identify, evaluate and terminate the enemy with split second and pin-point accuracy.

So precision that the missiles launched fly thru windows and the aircraft fire before they are seen, as there is little left to chance.Indeed there is no other Air Force in this world with the capacity and capability of the United States of America. I believe we can do better and therefore, I propose that we use state of the art Holographic Technologies in full motion 3D, 4D and 5D right up in the sky to simulate real world air-to-air combat, anti-aircraft fire and surface to air incoming missiles.Military strategists and war fighters can play out the battle in the virtual battlespace in advance on tabletops at command and control and then watch it un-fold in real time. Meanwhile the USAF pilots can watch holographic images in front of them as if it were real and it will appear to be so real, that once in a real live battle situation, it will be a cake walk, think on this.


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By: Lance Winslow

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