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Role of Frame of Mind Attitude and Motivation

Role of Frame of Mind, Attitude and Motivation It is important to have right frame of mind, attitude and to stay motivated till the time you achieve success in whatever field you want. It applies to your studies too. Having Right Frame Of Mind Have faith in yourself. If you think you cannot do a particular task, you can never do it just because you do not give a try to it and even if you try, you do not give it your best. Just remember if someone else can do it you can also do it and probably can do better than him. It is all in our mind.

You have to have faith in yourself, in your abilities and you will find that nothing is impossible. I will give you an example to illustrate. One young fellow from a small city had joined military and was undergoing training. One day he was punished by his instructor for some mistake that he had committed.

He was asked to do ten rounds of the parade ground with rifle up on the arms. The parade ground was too big with about one kilometer of perimeter. He just could not believe that some body could do it and exclaimed, "No it is not possible to do ten rounds for me and in fact no body can ever do it." The instructor asked what was his number.

"Thirty thousand and fifty five sir" came the reply. "If thirty thousand and fifty four guys before you could do it why you cannot do it," shouted the instructor back. To his amazement that boy did it, though, with lot of difficulty and short breaks in between but point is that he did it finally. The problem was in his mind.

He never imagined that some body could do it. Once that got resolved he did not have any problem. Do not get bogged down by your exaggerated fears of failure, which are often imaginary.

Use Of Power Of Autosuggestion Often our mind does not accept certain ideas and limits us in achieving greater heights. It tells you no you cannot do it or it is beyond your capability and it will be foolish to try. Autosuggestion is a powerful tool with which one may rise to heights of great achievement, when it is used constructively.

However if used in a negative manner, it may destroy all possibility of success, and if so used continuously it will actually destroy health. All suggestions coming from others, or from environment, influence us only after we have accepted them. Once we accept these are passed on to the sub-conscious mind. Stated in another way, no one can influence another without the consent of the one influenced, as the influencing is done through one's own power of autosuggestion that is his, mind has to accept that. During the hours when one is awake the conscious mind stands as a guard to the sub-conscious mind and wards off all suggestions which try to reach it from the outside, until those suggestions have been examined by the conscious mind, passed upon and accepted.

This is nature's way of safeguarding the human being against intruders who would otherwise take control of any mind desired at will. Autosuggestion is a method by which we can take thoughts from our conscious mind and push them down into our subconscious mind, where they will be processed in the background of our lives. At various stages of processing, our subconscious mind will return its results to the conscious mind, usually in the form of "flash" insights. Autosuggestion, therefore, is the way we "seed" our "creative thinking". For details please visit http://www.

lulu.com/content/207853 http://www.lulu.

com/content/206787 http://www.lulu.com/anilkumar .

By: Anil Kumar

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