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Secret Societies and Conspiracy Theories for Bob

Recently in an online think tank we were discussing the potential need to modify human life for long-term space flight because currently humans bones cannot take that long-term mission and because well they eat too much. And if you do not believe that, well just look at the average overweight American? As soon as human modification was mentioned a religious fundamentalist immediately piped in and said such a notion was Satanistic and further stated:."Read about Satanism, money clubs, World Bank, the world state; health wise, heart wise (not just America).

".Indeed I have read up on the Good Ole Boy Networks, secret societies, the conspiracy theories and all the religious teachings. What is his point? It is all really silly stuff, isn't it better to just be above all that? Humans appear to be into explaining that which they feel but cannot know, some call it good or god, some evil or Satan. Why choose good or evil? Humans have innate characteristics like any other species; you can all any of these innate characteristics anything you want to, label them good or evil. Additionally another think tanker in our online think tank stated:.

"Now back to the subject; we will need to modify humans for long-term space flight; they need to operate on less food and oxygen intake, without bones and smaller size to make the trip. Additionally the DNA modification and human computer technology interfaces will be of supreme value to the forward progression of humans in the future. As we make these new discoveries and brave the future we will have left our so-called religious gods far behind us, thus we will not need religion or a god to worship, because at that point we will have become all of what god is and perhaps remake him in our image. This has been a fun conversation, so what else do we discuss now.".Indeed all topics are open and all thinkers are welcome.

Where would you like to take your thoughts today? Think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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