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Sewer Treatment and Waster Water Environmental Trends Discussed

One of the greatest assets in this present period for any civilization are the sewer treatment plants. Filtering out the harmful human waste, industrial waste and pollution, which ends up in our sewer system must be cleaned and treated properly to maintain a healthy environment and water supply.In 2005 we discovered that much of the treated wastewater we release contains things, which we are not able to filter out. Additionally urban run off is putting more and more problematic nitrates, chemicals, substances, pollution and biological contaminants into our streams, rivers and lakes, which lead to our oceans.

Some of the biological contaminants which go through the sewer systems are making it all the way through and thus researchers and scientists who monitor these things are looking at new and innovative ways to solve the ecology problems we are causing by this wastewater. Urban runoff is also an issue and can and is causing harm to fish, sea life and causing algae blooms, which can become toxic and poisonous to most organic life.In 2006 we will see the wide spread use and installing of additional bioremediation in our filtration of water using UV light. Many cities will begin requiring clarifiers on the property lines to separate out the oils, chemicals and contaminants before they enter the storm drain systems.

We will see more use of Timed release encapsulation of environmental chemical cleaning agents and the use of bacteria to eat hazardous waste. We will see new and improved frequency use to help farm crops grow and scare off insects and less use of fertilizers. We will also see animal waste solutions, such as turning the waste into energy through biomass energy production rather than allowing it into giant pools where a flood can sweep into rivers, causing high concentration of protein enriched waste fostering harmful bacteria growth. We will see all this in 2006.

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