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Shower filters why are they important to have

Copyright 2005 Jason Bibb Shower filters may seem like something you could live without, but often many important things are hidden in the smallest of details. One of the main purposes of the filters is to remove as much of the chlorine used to disinfect water as possible. Together with other disinfecting agents, chlorine can be dangerous to our organisms even if it is not ingested. The vapors that are formed during a shower have certain amounts of the disinfectant, which have an easy access to our lung tissues through vapor inhalation.

This unseen enemy may lead to several health problems and you won't even realize that the triggering elements are there when taking your shower. The most common problems caused by the lack of a good shower filter are skin irritations and rashes. A good shower filter will help reduce the negative effects of disinfectants by over 90%. By cleaning the vapors that are formed during a shower, the filter stops chlorine from getting into your system, thus improving your condition especially if your body is sensitive to disinfectants. Other benefits to consider Allergies or sensitive skin often cause problems when faced with chlorine.

During the cold season, this is a serious issue, especially as far as the condition of the skin is concerned. Because of extreme temperatures and temperature fluctuations, our skin tends to crack and become more irritable. Skin rashes are other facial skin problems, such as acne, can also become aggravated. Chlorine does not help with such problems - in fact, it worsens them. The shower filter makes sure you are protected from the added damage of receiving chemical bombardment on your skin. Several cancer causing chemical compounds that are created in the presence of disinfectants are also stopped by the filter.

As chlorine is a bleaching agent, this may also have effects on the health of your hair and skin. Dyed hair can keep its color for a longer period of time when a shower filter is used. And for people suffering from different allergies or asthma, showers are now safer and chances of irritation are minimum.

Another benefit of shower filters is that they also stop poisonous metals, such as lead, from entering your lungs through breathing or through your mouth through accidental water ingestion. By stopping minerals from reaching out in the shower water, you will also feel a smoother skin sensation. .

By: Jason Bibb

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