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Smoking Shelters in UK

Smoking shelters are a real alternative to outdoor smoking areas in most commercial establishments where public and workplace smoking is against the law. Canopies UK, are a well-known name in the supply and installation of domestic (carports, patio cover) and commercial canopies has come up with a complete line of smoking shelters.It is believed that smoking shelters confine people to a place giving a feeling of restriction, but this is not true with the smoking shelters offered by Canopies UK. They are designed and installed in such a way to create a sheltered inviting space for customers to use. All smoking shelters developed by Canopies UK are designed to comply with international standard guidelines. They are produced from robust GRP material that offers sturdiness as well as resilience.

Moreover, they are secure, fire resistant, and resistant to adverse weather conditions. They can withstand high-temperatures too. These qualities give them the upper hand over fabric canopies and awnings. Smoking shelters have gained wide acceptance in pubs, restaurants, office precincts, and pub gardens to name a few. Smoking shelters in pub gardens can be used brilliantly with spa facility or to have a barbeque. A beautiful canopy set up makes for a perfect ambience as well as enhancing the privacy factor.

They are available in different sizes, colour patterns and textures. As well with that, wall configurations can also be customised as per client preferences. These smoking shelters can be constructed out of pressure treated timber that is resistant to decay and insect infestation, and gives a natural look. Also bronze anodized aluminium framing, white dome roofs, clear tempered safety glass and an aluminium bench with backrest are some of the most popular varieties.

Some of the different types of smoking shelters are pergolas, umbrellas, canopies, garden structures, formal fixed structures and bus shelters, etc. They are constructed as a three-sided model with an open front, a four-sided model with one or two door or totally enclosed with a commercial entrance door and bottom enclosure panels (wind skirts). The products are shipped in prefabricated, pre-glazed wall sections and finished roof modules. This ensures easy installation with the help of standard tools within one or two hours.

For more details on smoking shelters, visit http://www.canopiesuk.com.

David Gabbitas is a well know author who writes about different types of canopies and how can commercial canopies can increase the wealth of your business.

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