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SpaceHab Expandables to Be Delivered via Space Shuttle

Why can't we simply put a bunch of SpaceHab expandables into the Space Shuttle and take them to the Mars to orbit now? But you say the Space Shuttle cannot make it that far? Well sure it can. Simply send a set of rockets up on another set of rockets, once in orbit attach them to the space shuttle and then take the whole thing to Mars; one way. Get some real gung ho risk takers and just go for it. We can do this.

The humans can live in them for about 10-years or so until we get there with the next manned mission. Meanwhile they can collect data, do experiments and control all the rovers there. An orbiting mini-space colony flying above Mars and while we are at it, we can have one land on Mars too and get started now.

Now in 2035 or some such future date; that is such a crock of crap and such a cop-out to the abilities and intelligence levels of our upper end human scale of intelligence.Look here is the deal, I have traveled much in my life and I know most humans are not so smart and feel comfortable to live in mediocrity, but that is not what the species is about. We can do better than this and it should be obvious that it is true. Now then do not accuse me of being anti-Bush Administration, as I am not.

Do not accuse me of being anti-NASA, because well I am not that either.You see, I am an entrepreneur and I see the world differently. When everyone else says it cannot be done, I know it can. I am not comfortable with the BS time table of the moon by 2020 or Mars by 2035, that is weak. The United States of America is not a weak nation and Americans are not weak people. Now let's get off our rear ends and press on and get this done.

Talk is cheap. There is a mountain in front of us, let's just climb it dammit!.


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By: Lance Winslow

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