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Spray on Dirt Research and Development

For protecting military assets in the modern battlefield is paramount and therefore spray on dirt may be a concept worth research and development dollars. Coming up with simple solutions such as new ways to camouflage large numbers of vehicles very quickly in the battle space makes sense. Having an arsenal of concepts cost little or nothing compared to a new high-tech army tank. In the new high-tech army tank is a little value if you're enemy sees it first and shoots to kill it. Well, there goes $25 million in three soldiers, when you could have used better camouflage and prevented that?.

Having simple, easy to use technology that is "multi-killer-applicable" MKA makes sense. My design consists of a unit with a small water tank and filler hose with a mini sump pump attachment [throw one end into a river, well, pool of left over rain water] to apply the sticky solution; the solution is fed into an inline injection on a 1.8 Hp Honda motor or an equivalent AC out put from a diesel generator with a military grade sprayer unit again totally KISS.Ideas and innovations have helped win battles and wars throughout mankind's human history.

One new innovation or technology can make the difference of winning or losing a war. For instance Greek Fire made the difference in many early naval battles and gave the edge to the team or country that possessed it. Something as simple as spray on dirt, which can help change the color of an entire convoy in less than an hour makes sense win movie in a convoy over long distances. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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