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The History Channel Moves into the Future

Many people spend hours watching and learning on Television. There is the Discovery Channel, Science Channel, History Channel, Wings, Animal Channel and a host of others and they are indeed very interesting to watch. Some say if you watched all the history channel programs that you might know more about history that most High School History Teachers. Since I like many others have, I concur that to be the case.But why not take the History Channel and the other Discovery type channels to the next level in technology? You see Holographic Technologies are getting closer to becoming reality and soon we can see holographic projections in our living rooms via computers and in home systems, watch our shows in 3D, 4D and 5D.We will enjoy Augmented and Virtual Reality on our 360 X-Box or Sony Play Stations in our own homes.

We can watch home movies of weddings and graduations in 3D and perhaps great grandchildren will be about to meet their past ancestors and watch a holographic video. We will be communicating in business using full motion holographic video conferencing with the image of the other people sitting next us, but not actually there. All this is on its way and even more, as the applications are endless indeed.Just imagine watching the history channel in the cockpit with Charles Lindbergh or sitting next to the historical notables during the signing of the Magna Carta; crossing the Delaware with George Washington or standing on the moon with Neil Armstrong as he utters those famous words; "one small step for man, one giant step for mankind!".There is probably no better use of the technology than to educate our populations in their own homes and thus making a smarter and more intelligent set of voters to prevent us from repeating the past and dooming our future in a never ending cycle of our own follies. Think on this.

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By: Lance Winslow

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