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The Merging of Man and Moving Machine

Driving around the country constantly touring the Nation often I feel as if I am one with the vehicle. Some people who are into racing, acrobatic flying, motor cycle racing and wind surfing have told me that they too understand this sensation, they feel connected in a sense. In the future perhaps there will be; The Merging of Man and Moving Machine.Is it really possible? Perhaps it is and maybe human scientists can make this happen. Consider if you will how Americans feel about their SUVs, sports cars and light trucks or how a young man feels about his race bike? Sure, well that makes sense.

Kind of like the love of the automobile with most Americans. This topic came up recently with a couple of think tank members when one stated; ."I know that when I drive a lot for several days, by the last day, I feel like I have become part of the vehicle and have some of the senses I always equate with movement that is not typical for humans.

".I use to feel like I was one with the motorcycles during racing and sometimes aircraft too for instance the Genies Tenie open cockpit homebuilt I owned. Once I began feeling that way after I purchased a new motorcycle; then I knew I was ready to take the motor cycle out and race it hard and win, of course I guess that goes without saying as that is the goal; to win I mean.I can foresee a time when people are hooked up to their hardware, vehicles, aircraft, space ship, whatever. Like with the Apache Attack Helicopters, but to the tenth degree, You know like the Roswell Alien Craft stories and stuff? Consider all this in 2006..

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By: Lance Winslow

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