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The Role of US Navy SEALs in Iraq

US Navy SEALs are well known for being elite. US Nay SEALs have long being known for having to pass training requirements which would be considered literally impossible for any normal human being. Having to swim 50 meters under water is among many of the requirements that the US Nay SEALs ask of their soldiers. The peak physical of conditions of soldiers is not all they have going for them; they also have a unique loyalty to each other which can be best described by a recent event in Iraq. A grenade was thrown into a building with 3 soldiers, one of those soldiers, knowing he would not have enough time to remove the grenade from the building, jumped upon the grenade resulting in his own death in an attempt to save the other soldiers in the same building.

Such admirable behavior and their success in small people, large impact missions help to create the ethos which surrounds the US Navy SEALs and make them worthy of so much respect. One of the US Navy SEALs core competencies is being particularly skilled in close combat situations, which makes their input in Iraq particularly import when covert attacks with close by civilians form a large part of the duties which are needed. As a result of that US Navy SEALs have also been training other parts of the military in Iraq, making their role very important indeed.

The much controversial move by the US military to stop the flow of oil from Iraq was done thanks to the US Navy SEALs who completed the task with the precision and skill that we have come to except. Although people may raise claims of ulterior motives on behalf of the government, one cannot say that a task like this does not have significant benefits in the form of depleting infrastructure and therefore decreasing the morale and economic capabilities of the resistance. Such tasks are naturally assumed to be undertaken by the military when they invade a country, and it is often a task that falls on the US Navy SEALs, with past examples of destroying travel links in the forms of bridges and tunnels to make covert movement harder for those that wish to stand in the way of the US military. Their role in Iraq, as expected, has been immense.

So much so that they are used in the most mission critical strategic operations because of the skills, commitment and ability to perform that has earned them the respect of everyone in the field. More Navy SEALs have recently been called to Iraq because their being there is so important, and even ex Navy SEALs are in Iraq working for private security consultants that are sub-contracted by the military to help in situations which require highly skilled ex military personnel. Whether in Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere else in the world; when you need a military operation done correctly you can always count on the US Navy SEALs to get the job done right.

This article is written by James Kara Murat. A longer version of this article can be found along with other Navy SEALs and other US Navy SEAL store articles at Navy SEALs in Iraq and US Navy SEALs store.

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