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Theories in Understanding the Locusts

There have been many theories floated as to how to stop the devastation caused by locust swarms. But to fully implement any such theory or plan we need to study the highly evolved locusts to understand how best to deal with them. We can no longer sit idle, we must stop the devastation to crops or we risk not having enough food to feed the growing human populations.

Indeed understood and well said. Now then, perhaps why Locusts Swarm is relevant in that if they swarm due to an internal harmonic or if these swarms are caused by a frequency, sound; such as infrasound, ultrasound or other sound, then manipulating this sound could cause the locusts to not swarm or stop swarming. Thus the answer to why they swarm may not be so intriguing, but it could possibly provide a solution to those: "adversely affected by this" in your observations.

If we can use the mechanism that causes locusts to swarm then perhaps we can use that lever ourselves? Being my point.One very brilliant genius; Mr. Warren Powers in an online think tank theorizes that we can stop locust plagues with sound waves and clearly indicates that; "The scope of the locust topic need not be opened to include pronouncements either good or bad, every related statement has branches, with this observation, I hope there would be no disagreement.".I concur, a species like the locust is highly evolved and definitely a marvel in organic engineering.

It is fulfilling its species' needs to fulfill its mission and has found a way to do this and the swarming is part of either its reaction to its environment "flight" protection response perhaps or other need which has allowed it to survive and adapt over millions of years. The locusts are neither good or bad, they just are and they are for a very good reason, whatever that is, I believe and therefore completely concur. Perhaps we may be able to stop the locust plagues if we step back and look into the actual cause of them rather than the religious connotations and folklore which has been handed down? Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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